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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? - Blog - American Pride Tattoos - facebook_logo

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Everybody makes mistakes in their life, and some are harder to remedy than others.  Luckily, tattoos are not as permanent as you might have been led to believe.  You’ve probably heard of laser tattoo removal, but how much do you actually know about it?  Here are a few of the most common questions peopled have about laser tattoo removal:

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by using state of the art laser technology to direct small beams of light at your tattoo.  The light permeates the outer layers of skin and shines directly onto the tattoo ink.  This breaks down the ink into smaller components, allowing it to be naturally absorbed into your body.

Can I remove any tattoo?

While some colors and sizes of tattoos are more challenging than others, it is possible to remove any tattoo.  Although, removing your tattoo may require more than one session of laser treatment.

Do I have to remove my entire tattoo?

No, not at all!  The lasers used in tattoo removal are extremely precise.  This allows for small portions of a tattoo to be removed, while the rest remains unaffected.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

While laser removal can be uncomfortable, most people report that it is far less painful than the process of receiving a tattoo.  Your laser tattoo removal specialist will do their best to ensure that you are safe and as comfortable as possible at all times.

Will I have a scar?

If you follow the post-treatment instructions, and care for your skin where the tattoo was removed, there is little-to-no risk of scarring.  Although, pre-existing scars that might have formed while getting the tattoo will remain, as only the ink can be removed.

What is the recovery like?

After your laser tattoo removal treatment you can resume most of your usual activities.  The only limitations are that you should not scratch or rub the area of the skin where the tattoo was removed.  It’s also important to limit any direct exposure to sunlight in the area where you received laser tattoo removal.

For the premier laser tattoo removal specialist in Metro Detroit, contact American Pride Tattoos.  They offer physician supervised laser tattoo removal that can make your regrettable tattoo a thing of the past!