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Jennifer Salisbury: American Pride-Oxford, MI

"My name is Jennifer, and in February of 2013 I finally had the courage to get a tattoo. I have always wanted a tattoo, and one day after caring for my sister Robin, I went to see Joe Klemkow at American Pride in Oxford. You see my dear sister battled 13 years of cancer that started in the breast and spread to her brain. During those years she continued on with her life, college, getting a degree in dental hygiene, bachelors in business, working two jobs and teaching. She did all this during having multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, and through all of this you would never hear her complain, not once, I never heard her cry out in pain. In October of 2012 she had to quit most if not all of her daily activities as she became bedridden, and I would care for her on a daily basis. I cherished every moment with Robin, I would sit next to her on the bed and we would remember times growing up, and she would always have me laughing. Through this she still would never complain, but she did worry about how our lives would be without her. This is when I decided now was the time for my tattoo, I thought if Robin could go through her battle and be the fighter she was, I figured I could endure 20 minutes of some pain, so I had a breast cancer ribbon put on my right ankle in honor of my beloved sister. Joe was great, and kept me calm and I wasn’t even afraid, kind of how my sister acted through her whole ordeal. Robin passed away in April of 2013, and she is missed dearly. I have designed another tattoo in memory of Robin, and would someday like to have it put on so I will always have her near to me."


"My name is Amanda, Jennifer has been doing my tattoos for a few years at the Berkley store, she can always fit me in her schedule and she does an amazing job, and her staff is always friendly when I stop in."